Freshest Films/Projects

Odd Films by Lovably Odd People

Here are the freshest, newest, most recently completed endeavors , for your perusal.

“Enlightenment Spell” – A feature-length documentary that gets to know modern practitioners of witchcraft. This film is not a history lesson, nor an instruction manual, but instead is a genuine conversation to get to know some witches themselves. This film is being made to facilitate a better conversation about what witchcraft really is, to do away with some of the negative preconceptions, and to give witchcraft a true face.

We will be making our true premiere at the IPMA Awards in Nashville on September 14, 2018.

Then we will be sending it out to festivals… fingers crossed. Any donations will be applied to festival submissions, marketing, etc.


The Pointed Lens – A new endeavor by Mishu Founder Joshua Samson to help amplify the voices of often marginalized young people to counter the stereotypes often put out by Hollywood films.

More info and to donate to this project: