Older Films

Odd Films by Lovably Odd People

A small sampling of films by Mishu Films (If you are amused, consider donating to support future projects):


Yates Versus the Devil – A silly film that resulted from a challenge to create a period narrative with a drone as the main camera.


Captain Rico Skye and the Forsaken Zombie Planet – An homage to crappy sci fi movies of yesteryear: A ship on a rescue mission tries to solve the mystery of what happened to the members of Rico Skye’s ship and those who inhabited the desolate planet. (Chapter 1 of 7)

Feel free to continue the odyssey  of Rico Skye in episodes 2-7:

Chapter 2         Chapter 3         Chapter 4          Chapter 5          Chapter 6          Chapter 7 


Home for the Holidays – A dark short Christmas film… Fun for the whole family.


Bloody Bones – A short film that tells the old Ozark tale.


Tongue Oil – A short western film about a bounty hunter tracking down a killer.


Heavenly Real Estate – A faux commercial created for a larger film project about a televangelist (The Sheep Harvest that can be found in its entirety below).


Four Hours as a Sister – A young girl runs away from home to meet her estranged brother who was kicked out of their conservative house for being gay.


The Most Difficult Race – A documentary about the hardships facing the runners of the 1904 Olympic Marathon.


The Sheep Harvest – A dark comedy/satire on life: Eugene was just released from prison and finds his path through a televangelist program but all is not as it seems.