On the Horizon

Odd Films by Lovably Odd People

Here are some of our upcoming projects (See something that intrigues you? A donation can help it along):

Tater Wilson Gets the Job Done – A wannabe musician works a series of odd jobs in order to scratch by in life. This film is episodic and is made up of several shorter individual stories taking place over the course of a year of Tater Wilson’s life.


Ken Sander’s Doc – A documentary on Ken Sander’s Rare Books, a gem of a bookstore in the heart of Salt Lake City, UT that faces potential closing due to the development of the city and the loss of its location.  The situation is exacerbated with the arrival of COVID 19, an earthquake, and riots in the city a few blocks from the store, leaving an already unsure future even more  uncertain.


Self Portrait – A short documentary taking a look at the filmmaker’s own experiences with depression and imposter syndrome calling himself an artist.